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Change your story, shift your identity, lose painful and unwanted thoughts,
be free to think and co-create effortlessly

You assume you’re a person reading these words. You’re not.
You are the Unlimited Eternal Free Being that is ‘experiencing’ through that person living in apparent time.

The Unlimited Eternal Free Being that You really are is so unlimited it has to arise within the illusion of limitation to be able to experience. It’s so Free, it has to arise within something that appears not free to be able to ‘experience’. And is so eternal, that it has to arise in the imaginary time in order to have ‘an experience’.

When you mistake who you are for the person who you appear to be, you will spend a lifetime in striving to find more money, power, love, approval, meaning and purpose. You will drawn in getting things done, self improving and covertly trying to change others, and it will never be enough.

Or do you think the Eternal Free Being that You really are is somehow limited? Makes mistakes? Makes the illusion so you can see through it easily? Makes it according to your cultural dream? Popular spiritual ideas? Your Dad’s vision? Your therapist’s manual?

The person makes effort because she is on a mission to achieve something ‘better’. You are simply happening.
The person is not a being. The person is a thinking. She is a thought. An image. A voice. A commentary about how everything should be. A story.
Because the person is a myth, it doesn’t matter how much you try to improve her or develop her.. it will never be enough.

If you are like most sensitive and introspective bright seekers, you have done some inner work and read tons of self-help books but somehow, you are still enduring Life and waiting for something better and different to happen. The right partner, more clients, some better conditions.. the perpetual happiness, enlightenment or success without the fear of losing it. 
Striving and self-improving is synonymous with lacking and feelings of not being good enough (while secretly feeling superior to others).
Is there a way of jumping out of the achieving and self-improving and finally arriving?

  • 1 on 1 Adventure
    to NOWhere

The character in your story and the story itself are inseparable because the person is what happens to them. The persistent challenge you are facing right now is an opportunity for a radical turn in your life.

I work very closely with a few selective clients to co-create a 1 one 1 program with them depending on their individual needs and engagement. Typically, I find at least 3 months with weekly calls to be enough to experience some radical and unexpected results in life.
We use weekly zoom calls and whatsapp messaging in between sessions.

‘Olivia helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed’

Initially, Liv helped me overcome serious PTSD after a life-threatening work accident.  Not only was I able to keep my business, but innovate new approaches that have helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed.  I am now able to access hidden reservoirs of strength and joy in my personal life on a daily basis, even when the road is rough and overwhelming using tools and techniques that she introduced me too.  With Livs masterful attention to detail, depth, and resourcefulness I have been able clear my mind and life of junk and clutter to make time and room for what really matters.  She was very easy to work with and I left each session with a boost of energy that sustains my new life!   

I have more confidence in all aspects of my life and I dont feel the same undercurrent of pressure and stress that I mistakenly thought was coming from outside myself.  I was attracted to Livs coaching program because she is adept and versed within many healing modalities.  I have been able to access new dimensions in my own spiritual practices and incorporate them into daily life.

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

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