1 on 1 Guidance

Self Realization Guidance for challenging transitions:

Loose restrictive stories, end suffering & find love, freedom and abundance effortlessly

Your effort to try to overcome challenges is what keeps you in those challenges.

The self-improvement industry is built on assumption that you are lacking something, something is missing and broken. Chasing the ideal in the future is a trap. It is never satisfying and it will be never enough. We can’t discover freedom and love by restricting our physical needs, creating a stronger, calmer, more focused mind, or trying to create security and success in the world. When we shift out of ego-identification and into awake awareness, we feel that there is nothing we need to gain or get rid of in order to feel okay on the level of identity.

Realizing and abiding in Nondual awareness — is impossible for the personal image to do. Living without the self Image (the controller and convincer) is natural and effortless.

Maybe you’ve tried endless spiritual or self-help tools, speaking up and being authentic. And just like with many others, it seems to give you some results but nothing you can keep. That’s because nothing works without dissolving the self-image in the deceptive cover up story. The self-image is who we mistake ourselves to be, and it perpetuates seeking value and approval from others. But when dissolved, You become of value.

The self-image and the story are the same because you are what you believe happens to you. Without the restrictive stories, there is nothing to protect, nobody to control or defend. You are clear to think and do what you want. You don’t settle for people or situations that will presumably bring you more security or value in the future. Complete personal freedom is not only possible, it’s closer than you think.

When is the best time to dissolve the restrictive stories and re-invent your life?

When you are going through transitions: All painful life changes, losing relationships, or staying stagnant are signs of being afraid to step into uncertainty. Every painful thought is a longing to come home. It is an invitation to lose the self-image protecting the painful old stories at high costs.

Do you really need a guide? Could you have this realization from reading books, watching relaxation or inspirational videos, online courses, manifestation programs, or endless workshops to improve the ‘self’?
The simple answer is no. There is a high payoff from keeping the false self-image alive and most people would do anything not to lose it. Without guidance by someone who has already seen through the illusion of the self and how the stories cover up what is actually available — we set on a never-ending search and strive — without ever finding what we deeply long for. The shift to Reality based knowing is the end of enduring your life.

This is a 1 on 1 online program in which you will be working with me closely for the duration of 3 or 6 months. It includes:

  • Weekly zoom calls
  • Access to emails and WhatsApp messaging
  • Daily homework in between sessions
  • Resource library
  • Learning a deep practice to lose restrictive stories and stressful thoughts no matter your situation
  • Self-realization guidance to see through the illusion of time, space, and self.

Who is this program for?

For creative introspective beings who value awakening from the personal and cultural restrictions (stories) more than anything in their lives. Awakening is not about simply believing that all is well; it’s about shifting into the level of mind that knows and feels all is well. We cannot understand awakening if we consider only behavior, thinking, and psychology.

Realization involves a process called recognizing, training, and attaining stability. In this short program, I will guide you into realization. I will create a safe space and teach you the practice you can use after we finish without needing anyone’s help. I will point to the strongly held world views and stories, assumptions, and expectations that cloud your realization. But you will have to do the deep work yourself. It includes losing past stories, conditioning, and strongly held worldviews keeping you ‘safe’- away from your deepest longings.

Until you don’t mind what happens in your life, the recognizing process is not complete.

What will you walk away with?

  • You will learn a profound practice to lose any suffering, no matter your situation.
  • As a result, you will stop having attacking thoughts, and compulsions and avoiding what is good for you.
  • You will lose the limitations and stop settling for low-value relationships and situations.
  • You will feel open, and loving and stand in your value without looking for it from others.
  • Shifting from trying or resigning into effortless being or action.
  • Fulfilled desires. Behind each desire there is an assumption why you can’t have it. Without the assumption you recognize new possibilities and have what you desire each step on your journey. When finding happens, searching for substitutes stops.

You don’t need to withdraw and disengage from life to attain some higher states of consciousness. We will use your busy life to awaken you. Thoughts about money. Love. Being alone. Purpose. Emails. Everything is here for you to give you directions to come home.

Do you need to stop your meditation practice? No. But for some people, it simply stops because it’s not needed anymore.

I only work with very few selective clients. You are in the right place if you value awakening from the personal and cultural restrictions (stories) more than anything else in your life. To apply for a clarity call with me to explore how my guidance could assist you in your particular situation and if we would be a good fit to work together, contact me below.

‘Olivia helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed’

Initially, Liv helped me overcome serious PTSD after a life-threatening work accident.  Not only was I able to keep my business, but innovate new approaches that have helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed.  I am now able to access hidden reservoirs of strength and joy in my personal life on a daily basis, even when the road is rough and overwhelming using tools and techniques that she introduced me too.  With Livs masterful attention to detail, depth, and resourcefulness I have been able clear my mind and life of junk and clutter to make time and room for what really matters.  She was very easy to work with and I left each session with a boost of energy that sustains my new life!   

I have more confidence in all aspects of my life and I dont feel the same undercurrent of pressure and stress that I mistakenly thought was coming from outside myself.  I was attracted to Livs coaching program because she is adept and versed within many healing modalities.  I have been able to access new dimensions in my own spiritual practices and incorporate them into daily life.

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

Not sure if you're ready for 1 on 1 guidance?

If you’d like to learn more about the concepts mentioned above, the best way to start is by reading my new book:

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It’s a deep inquiry into the delusion of time and purpose. Time as a story.

It is written for the purpose driven exhausted seeker pressured by time. Reader will discover that it is not more time they want.

And I also introduce a time reversal formula (inquiry) that reveals the next unexpected action in times of stress or overwhelm.

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