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Stop the search, overthinking, and achieving. Find unexpected Joy and Freedom.

Liv Kissper MSc supports introspective beings in ending the toxic way of managing emotions and trains them a system to collapse the deceptive timeline that causes all suffering. Read more in her bestselling book. 

What we deeply desire is ending the achieving, overthinking and strategizing. It happens when the deceptive timeline (story) is collapsed and freedom and joy are found in the unexpected (outside of what we think should happen). This is not about the toxic way of trying to manage emotions,  it is a deep commitment to truth (not knowing). 

If you are ready to find joy and freedom in all you do, even though you think it’s impossible, have a conversation with Liv. Apply for a clarity call with Liv bellow. 

Awakening, as we speak about here, has nothing to do with spirituality, and everything to do with Seeing beyond duality (stories). It is about recognizing and collapsing the self-identity protecting and defending a restrictive or painful story in our life. When the self-image is collapsed, so are the painful, restrictive and judgmental thoughts. This has nothing to do with improving the ‘self’, and nothing to do with trying to change or fix others or your situation. It is the ultimate liberation from the dream of separation, injustice, control, and suffering. 

Why you should be concerned with nothing but losing the restrictive voice in your head ? 

  • End trying so hard. Effort is mental! (pun intended) Your liberation can never be achieved by intellectualizing, trying to figure things out, strategizing, sleepless nights, planning for the future, and controlling who you really are. Waking up to your True Nature is effortless. It simply lies in the recognition that you are not the false self-image hiding in the deceptive story. 
  • Save your time from endless overthinking, watching educational videos and taking online courses, or accumulating more mental knowledge. Save your time from subtly changing others (even when it’s just in your thoughts about how they should be), convincing others (and yourself) about your value, and looking for things and people that you believe will bring you lasting happiness in time. It takes a lot of time trying to manage stress or anger or use stimulation so we can temporarily relax from painful thoughts. 
    What would you be free to do if your healing journey was over? If you achieved your biggest goal? If nothing was required from you? If you didn’t have to please others in fear of them leaving or replacing you? What would you do with your time? Save your time to finally do what you really enjoy despite any cultural, familiar, or peer pressures.
    And you don’t have to look too far into the future; What would it feel like to be free to ask for what you really want and say ‘no’ to what you really don’t want to do? It’s that simple. The reason why we can’t do that is because of the self-image protecting a story that you believe is true. 


  • End mental pain and suffering (enduring situations, relationships or lack of them) You cannot simply decide to stop worry, stress, or experience painful attacking thoughts and judgments. But by losing the self-image that tries to defend the painful story, you are free, open, and loving in any situation. Suffering is never caused by a situation or another person, but by what we make it mean for us in the future. Without the restricting story, you are free to respond to any situation with ease, freedom, and clarity. It is the end of trying to change other people’s perception of us.


  • Save money for buying things that you don’t need, or are not good for you to distract yourself from the painful thoughts, compulsions, and overthinking you have no control over. How much money do you spend over the past year just so you can feel a little better? How much money have you lost over the past years by settling for mediocre situations and people that hinder your expansion in creatively, financially, and spiritually?

  • Be naturally healthier without trying: when we stop escaping the hidden emotional pain, we naturally chose food and activities that are good for us. Would you rather have a perfect and healthy body or never had a negative thoughts about your body? If you are not sure, ask someone who seems to have the perfect body or health. The daily attacking thoughts coming from comparing to others or the past self-image of yourself, and looking for perfection don’t stop with achieving what you think will make you happy. All negative thoughts that restrict your freedom to enjoy life come from the self-image that has nothing to do with What is. It’s not your fault and you can never change them lastingly by trying to figure it out or chaining things on the outside – even though it can seem to work short term. 


  • Have more freedom in your business or creative projects. When we have attacking thoughts, judgments, analyze situations and worry about the future, we have no creative and inspiring thoughts left for our dearest creative projects. We postpone what really matters. We settle for mediocrity in relationships or business in hope one day we will have time. If the time is not now then when?


Liv works with selective introspective beings for whom nothing is more important than awakening from the personal and cultural dream in this lifetime and ending the suffering of any kind. 

She guides people using systematic inquiry to collapse the false identity of living in a deceptive timeline (storyline). Her 1 on 1 online guiding program is 3 or 6 months long with weekly zoom calls and work in between sessions. It is not recommended for people who have not been on the spiritual or self-development path, or if you just seek feeling better.

When is the best time to dissolve the restrictive stories (the attacking voice in your head) ?

Best time for awakening is when you are going through challenging transitions: All painful life changes, losing relationships, or staying stagnant and even trying to no end or resigning – are signs of being afraid to step into uncertainty. Every painful thought is a longing to come home. It is an invitation to lose the self-image protecting the painful stories at high costs.

Who is this online 1 on 1 guided program for?

This online guidance is for creative introspective beings who value awakening in this lifetime more than anything else. Who are ready to move away from the toxic way of managing emotions, and are willing to make changes in their life. For those who had been on the spiritual, self-improvement and healing path for some time, and are ready to end the search and achieving to live from a place of effortless abundance and love. (Love meaning the end of control). It is especially for you if you have always felt out of place, a misunderstood lone wolf, an undercover genius. 

What will you walk away with?

  • You will learn a  ‘system’ to lose suffering, no matter your situation.
  • As a result, you will stop having attacking thoughts and compulsions, and avoiding what is good for you.
  • You will stop settling for low-value and codependent relationships.
  • You will lose hidden fantasies that keep you in trying to change others, yourself and the world (even just in your thoughts). As a result you will have clear mind so you can respond to the world from there, and the world will respond back with love and abundance.
  • You will feel open, and loving and stand in your value without looking for it from others.
  • You will stop seeking love, approval and security, as you will find it effortlessly when the false identity collapses. 
  • You will have mental clarity and effortless communication without the need to convince somebody about your truth or worth. Without the fear of losing relationships if you say what you really want to say.
  • You will end stress, anxiety, jealousy or self-doubt.
  • End of attacking thoughts about any body part or perceived flaw.
  • Dissolution of problems so you won’t have to overthink about them and will have the time to do what you really want to do.

‘Liv helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed’

Initially, Liv helped me overcome serious PTSD after a life-threatening work accident.  Not only was I able to keep my business, but innovate new approaches that have helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed.  I am now able to access hidden reservoirs of strength and joy in my personal life on a daily basis, even when the road is rough and overwhelming using tools and techniques that she introduced me too.  With Livs masterful attention to detail, depth, and resourcefulness I have been able clear my mind and life of junk and clutter to make time and room for what really matters.  She was very easy to work with and I left each session with a boost of energy that sustains my new life!   

I have more confidence in all aspects of my life and I dont feel the same undercurrent of pressure and stress that I mistakenly thought was coming from outside myself.  I was attracted to Livs coaching program because she is adept and versed within many healing modalities.  I have been able to access new dimensions in my own spiritual practices and incorporate them into daily life.

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

Not sure if you're ready for 1 on 1 guidance?

If you’d like to learn more, the best way to start is by reading Liv’s bestselling book:

How To Achieve Nothing: 3 Step Formula to Quit Time Race, Overwhelm & Strategizing Mania.

It’s a deep inquiry into the delusion of time and purpose. Time as a story.

It is written for the purpose driven exhausted seeker pressured by time. Reader will discover that it is not more time they want.

And I also introduce a time reversal formula (inquiry) that reveals the next unexpected action in times of stress or overwhelm.


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