1 on 1 Guidance

Stop  the searching, self-improving and achieving Mania. Loose your lacking stories and find love, freedom and abundance effortlessly

Searching, self-improving and achieving comes from lack and being not good enough – but it’s not recognized.

When we believe we are lacking or something is missing here, we are trying and striving, it’s stressful.

Trying to do something is equal to not doing it.

Everything you THINK you know is a second-hand knowledge. Everything you know without thinking is what you ACTUALLY know.
We look at what we can actually know.

When we look, we don’t find any lack. But it’s not recognized. Until we lose the restrictive story along with the self-image and deceptive timeline, recognizing is not possible.

What you really want is to stop striving, and realize there is nothing to improve on you. How much energy and clear thoughts would be available to you if you didn’t have to think about how to find what you’re looking for?

Conversations, creations and life happen effortlessly, before you know it.

There is no practice that can bring you home. You never left.

What you deeply longing for is to end the search and achieving.
I guide bright introspective beings who are tired of the search and striving in this recognition. And I show them how to ‘do’ it themselves (recognizing is not ‘doing’), so they never need me or anyone else.

This is the unthinkable end of the Search. And it’s closer than you think.

A new world opens up. The unexpected. The Unpredictable.


The World of love, freedom and abundance that doesn’t come from a story.

Liv Unbound

3- 6 months long 1 on 1 guiding program.

What is searching and striving?

Striving is exhorting mental effort in an attempt and hope for some better improved future situation because it is not recognized that What is – without the restrictive stories – is enough. It is not recognized what is available, and what is possible beyond what you can imagine (the unthinkable, the unexpected).

Searching and striving is self-improvment, healing, meditation for calm, hope for ascension, endless workshops, overthinking, figuring out what’s right or wrong, looking for purpose, looking for love, acceptance or approval, looking for permanent happiness,

strategizing and tweaking in business.. It’s endless.

It’s exhausting. It will ever give you what you are looking for. It just seems like it could.

Why would anyone want to stop seeking and striving?

Nobody would. For the character living in the deceptive timeline/storyline it’s impossible. But there is something else that is able to recognize the freedom, love and abundance beyond stories. It doesn’t seek, it looks.

What’s wrong with self-improvement, seeking and striving?

Nothing. It just implies there is something missing, something wrong that needs fixing and you are the one who has to do it. So you spend time in spiritual practices, seeking, achieving, and exhorting effort, losing energy and missing the unrecognized love, beauty and abundance that remains unrecognized.

When we are in true relationship with What is, an immense amount of unbound energy and aliveness is available.

It’s not some excitement that is just another side of lack, not a short dopamine rush. It’s not a big grin on your face obtained by validation from others. It is not a relief of past depression and fears dressed as gratitude now.  It’s free because it’s given, it’s not coming from anywhere, it simply is. You don’t have to work hard for it. It’s your birthright.  You’re drowning in it, just waiting to be recognized that what’s blocking the flow is invisible stories, cultural expectations and assumptions all part of the deceptive timeline. It’s not about achieving more, it’s about knowing how to look and See.

End the search and be okay in any situation, decisions come effortlessly, know with who you are and have unbound energy to use in your relationships and projects without doubting or guilting yourself. Overthinking stops which frees a lot of energy, and it’s effortless.

Myths about self-development, effort and achieving:

Practices will make some difference (beyond appearances)
You are in charge

Meditation is the way to permanent enlightenment or happiness
You need to have spiritual practices to end suffering (or hell will break lose)

You are wounded and need healing, and you are the one who can heal yourself by doing certain practices
Your thoughts create your reality, so you need to think good thoughts.

Your business is your business.

There is a strategy for your project that will make a difference (beyond appearances)

Who is Liv Unbound 1 on 1 Program for?

For the exhausted perfectionist and mission driven seeker. The spiritual junkie. The entrepreneur who has a business, project or is on a mission, looking for full fulfillment of their true purpose.
Someone who’s read 100s of books on spirituality or self-improvement, did hours of meditation and practices and still haven’t found what they are looking for. Still don’t have the financial freedom they want, clear thoughts in times of loss, or the partner they desire. Feel trapped. Afraid that if they let go of their practice or achieving, they will lose control and something bad will happen.

You fear that nothing will happen or change. You worry about not living full potential, not doing enough, not enough time.

You’ve done so much work on yourself and still have a bunch to do, and deep inside you know you are just preparing for life but not living yet.
Deep inside you want to feel alive, and live as if there were no consequences. You want to stop searching and striving and finally find what you’ve been looking for.

You feel trapped in a relationship or without. Or they feel trapped in business, can’t do what you want to do.

When working with me you will:

Loose the restrictive stories: self-image dissolves, letting go of control, recognizing the love and freedom that is available. Recognize the hidden freedom and love, ease.

Fulfill your desires without an exception. Behind each desire there is an assumption why you can’t have it. Without the assumption you recognize new possibilities and have what you desire each step on your perceived journey. When finding happens, search for substitutes stops.

Eliminate the wondering mind and enjoy your relationships and projects. Behind every stressful emotion there is a hidden expectation. Turn these expectations into powerful agreements.

Jump out of the most persistent story in your life. The person bound in time has no power to do this. By shifting your identity you will find something that does. And it’s effortless.

Discover who/what You are, and who you are notthe role in your story. In your story, the role you play is defied by what you settle for. To ‘upgrade’ the role you need to communicate higher standards. This is what you’ve been looking for all along.

If you are not ready to Find what you’re looking for Now, don’t apply to work with me.

‘Olivia helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed’

Initially, Liv helped me overcome serious PTSD after a life-threatening work accident.  Not only was I able to keep my business, but innovate new approaches that have helped me achieve success on a level I didnt know existed.  I am now able to access hidden reservoirs of strength and joy in my personal life on a daily basis, even when the road is rough and overwhelming using tools and techniques that she introduced me too.  With Livs masterful attention to detail, depth, and resourcefulness I have been able clear my mind and life of junk and clutter to make time and room for what really matters.  She was very easy to work with and I left each session with a boost of energy that sustains my new life!   

I have more confidence in all aspects of my life and I dont feel the same undercurrent of pressure and stress that I mistakenly thought was coming from outside myself.  I was attracted to Livs coaching program because she is adept and versed within many healing modalities.  I have been able to access new dimensions in my own spiritual practices and incorporate them into daily life.

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

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