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Attention, seekers of true liberation and committed individuals ready to embark on a profound journey of self-realization! If you’ve come to realize that merely watching spiritual or self-improvement videos isn’t providing the direct experience you crave, it’s time to break free from the cycle of endless searching. 

You’ve reached the end of our book, where the story has shown you just how false and troublesome beliefs in the roles we play can be. But there’s more to this adventure than mere words on a page.

Your thirst for genuine liberation cannot be quenched through passive observation alone. You require a guide, someone who can shine a light on the hidden corners of your being, revealing the truths that elude your sight. My 1 on 1 program offers the missing piece you’ve been yearning for—a personal and accelerated path towards Self-realization. It’s time to cast aside the illusion of progress without action and dive deep into the work that matters most.

The Quantum Leap: Master Alignment and Connection for Profound Life Transformation

I created a 12 week to Accelerated Self-realization program bypassing the fluff. We’re about to take a detour from your expectations and dive into “The Art of Oblique Awakening. This isn’t your average self-help program. No fluffy bunnies or mystical chants here. I’ve distilled the essence of self-realization into 12 powerful weeks that will make your clever mind do a double take.

Over a period of three months, I will provide you with one-on-one coaching, offering the tools you need to navigate your personal journey towards self-realization – going beyond the limiting stories from the past. Embrace a life filled with tranquility, purpose, and profound connection.

No matter how prickly the situation gets, how inflated your partner’s ego balloons, or how absurdly skewed the world’s seesaw of fairness tips, grasping the concept of non-duality is like the ultimate ‘Abracadabra!’—vanishing suffering, stress, or limitations right before your eyes.

Authentic Living though Self-Realization means living in your highest potential. It is like taking off a pair of tight shoes you were wearing for so long you forgot how much they limit your movement. It is a life of alignment, co-creating and magnetizing others into a context of respect and enjoyment.

Experience freedom from the constraints of stories, stressful situations and societal pressures.
Are you ready to integrate and embody your unique differentiation that is no.1 predictor of true fulfillment and success in any area?

Schedule a strategy call with me to see how I can help you in your unique situation or transition.

In the best case, we will work together and you will experience shifts to freedom in all areas of your life.
In the worst case, we will conclude that we are not ready to work together.  In which case I will share with you what to do to get ready. In ether way you have nothing to lose.

It is only for seekers who values depth and connection. It is not for those who are looking for quick fixes.

What do others say about Liv’s coaching?

‘Liv helped me achieve success on a level I didn’t know existed’

Initially, Liv helped me overcome serious PTSD after a life-threatening work accident.  Not only was I able to keep my business, but innovate new approaches that have helped me achieve success on a level I didn’t know existed.

Managing a small business can be very demanding and stressful.  I was exhausted and barely scraping by when we started working together.  I have been able to transcend the limitations of what felt like was a “race to the bottom” into an opportunity for transformation and growth.  I am more financially successful and happier at work. 

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

‘This was a huge breakthrough for me’

I’m a holistic Esthetician and entrepreneur. I love how Olivia helped me align my inner desires for success with my higher self and this was exactly the support I needed to get through a very difficult year in my career. I had a huge shift in my thinking and ego. She held space for me on our calls without judgement and allowed me to see things from new perspectives. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom. She also helped me me reunite with my biological father after I had been angry at him, and kept him at a distance for 20 years. This was a huge breakthrough for me, personally. 

Megan Niño
Holistic Esthetician 

‘You said to expect miracles, and it happened’

My experience working with Liv was amazing! She’s relentless when it comes to getting those deep-rooted feelings to surface. Olivia helped me to uncover a story that slowed my progress. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I had to come outside for a walk because I’m all over the place right now, in a good way. You said to expect miracles, and it happened.

Jelani Clay
Healing rap music

Liv has such a powerful yet gentle presence, and I can truly tell how much she cares about her clients. We worked on resentment I was holding onto regarding a relationship that had recently ended. Olivia led me to find the answers I was searching for within myself and helped me to reach acceptance for things as they are. I am so grateful for her support and insight that has guided me towards liberation.

Web Developer

The most I love about Liv is her ability to connect with the suffering of others and her passion and self-giving to relieve that suffering. She was like a huge Sun that enveloped me and lighted me up to connect my self with my own source of light and my heal power to find the truth inside of me. She’s amazing!
Thank you Liv Thank you so much for everything.

Fidencio Lopez
web developer

Liv, you very skillfully helped me find insights into this ‘ongoing’ difficulty that I have with my brother and family. I was surprised to find new aspects of the issue, which I have not previously seen, and the work you did with me on Skype has opened a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my family and how this issue plays out. Because of this renewed clarity, I have felt something lighten and clear internally.

Kim Carmen Walsh,
Meditation and Hypnotherapy, UK

Thank you very much once again for the most lovely massive love, block clearing session ever! You guided my with a compassion, professionalism and friendly attitude straight to the problem and helped me realized my true loving nature! THANKS again!

Tomas Belan,

Liv provided me light (yet powerful) guidance into an issue I’ve faced for a couple years now and many other times throughout my life. She basically helped me to find- me. I have the power to change everything in an instant simply by recognizing what I am believing in that moment. I was learning it the slow and hard way but this, this brought it to light and I just… I can’t thank you enough Olivia. What a complicated and yet simple shift.

Jac Jordan,


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