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Liv helps highly sensitive people break through mediocrity, fear and postponing to  finally find love, purpose and fulfillment.

Liv worked with people like you to help them transform their anxiety, guilt, jealousy and self-doubt into passionate living and peace of mind. As an intuitive mentor, she has guided dozens of men and women to transform their lives by extracting the information and truth buried inside them, connecting them to their higher self, and showing them how to move through the challenges of life in order to reclaim their true strength. In this process, they experienced an instant relief from anxiety, fear, judgments, blame, broken hearts or guilt.

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Liv Kissper, MSc. Is a guide for highly sensitive leaders:  She supports men and women not by boosting their self image but by connecting them to what matters, what is true and real,  while clearing their past blockages and trauma. She makes the invisible visible, clears insecurities and doubt beyond any limiting stories. Knowledge without action Is just information. Joy comes from translating your heart’s desires and visions into reality. I move highly sensitive leaders to action.

Liv Kissper, MSc. Studied general psychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies and her approach combines non-duality, business and intuitive inquiry. She is also a certified mindfulness, meditation teacher and empowering workshop facilitator. She studied with many world class teachers including Byron Katie and Robert Sheinfeld.