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With the immense pressure to be successful, happy, and living your purpose,
we get lost in roles and self images that are far from who we truly are.

Liv Kissper, MSc. Is a transpersonal coach and supports women not by boosting their self image but connecting them to what matters, making the invisible visible, clearing insecurities and doubt and taking action, beyond their limiting stories.

Possessions, relaxation techniques, love affairs or building self-esteem will get us temporary relief, but it will never erase our persistent negative thoughts that are at the core of all our distress. Most people are so disconnected from the reality of who they are, they never find fulfilling relationships or higher purpose. This leads to overthinking, anxiety, drama, isolation, loss of vitality and illness.

Liv Kissper, MSc

For a decade Liv worked with people like you to help them transform their perfectionism, guilt, anxiety and self-doubt into passionate unbound living. As an intuitive mentor, has guided dozens of men and women to transform their lives by extracting information and truth buried inside them, connecting them to their higher self, and showing them how to move through the challenges of life in order to reclaim their true strength. In this process, they experienced an instant relief from anxiety, perfectionism, judgments, blame, broken hearts or guilt. I guide them in the process of self-inquiry to help them to stop their over reactive minds and crystalize their vision so they can focus on what’s important in their lives.

Liv Kissper’s background is in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies and my approach combines psychology, spirituality and intuitive inquiry. I am also a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, empowering workshop facilitator and freedom advocate.