Liv Kissper, MSc.




Liv has a background in transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. She is an actress in an improvisational theatre in Costa Rica, a writer, guide and a mentor. She guides creative and introspective seekers in the awakening process through challenging life transitions. She helps them to lose their restrictive stories keeping them in overthinking, self- doubt, limitation, struggle and stagnation. As a result they experience mental clarity, love and freedom they never imagined possible.

Liv has traveled the world for 20 years and also helps creative entrepreneurs transition into a free lifestyle. She mentors them on how to set up simple online systems to sell their creative products and services while they sleep so they can live anywhere in the world and do what they love. And when doubt, overwhelm and fear of success comes, she guides them to lose those stories so they take action from the space of clarity while standing in their value.

I mostly work with small business owners and bright introspective influencers who had been on the spiritual and self-development journey for some time but still feel stuck, limited, are comparing, or postponing because they are not in their highest potential.

I help creative seekers relinquish their stories and let go of the symptoms of their trauma, recognizing their True effortless natural right action. I teach them systems they can use so they don’t even need me again.
Without overthinking and uncomfortable stories they already have what they want each step of the way.

How do we know that we are free of the underlying story? Only when we act, think, and respond to all of Life as if the painful past never happened.


Liv Kissper

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