Self Realization
no self realization

“You are sitting in the audience watching the play of life onstage. What effort do you need to make in order for the play to continue?”

Wu Hsin

 In my story, I’m someone who spent 20 years of full time self-development and spiritual search, countless hours in meditation, I have Masters in psychology and neuroscience: specifically Transpersonal psychology and Consciousness studies, I’ve done tons of coaching, reiki, NLP, plant medicines, yoga and dance, went deep into the Tibetan dram yoga, and tried tools and practices from all around the world with famous and infamous gurus, shamans and teachers.
And I felt great!
But only when my life resembled or exceeded my inner movie (expectations). When my hidden expectations weren’t met in time of loss, failure, judgments, betrayal, painful aloneness and other threats you know, regular life – I’d feel crushed and lost in compensations for the things I desired the most and couldn’t have.
Peace is a slippery bastard.
That’s because time is not real. And so there is no such a thing as permanent happiness and permanent success. One thought can change the whole set up. And even if you reach your bliss or riches, it comes with new anxiety that whispers to you: “But what if you lose it?”

Timeline in our mind is not real, it is a story. It is not only not real and completely made up or just a little different to what is real. It is completely reversed. Just like your image in the mirror is completely reversed so you don’t even notice.
Past and future both happen Now, when we think about them.  Their function is to deceive. To keep us in a never-ending race that we can’t win. No matter where you’ll be or what you seemingly achieve, ONE thought, One image can change how you feel. Anything can appear as an image from the past, or an image or comments about the future. Anything! We believe that our timeline (stories about the past and future) is as real and reliable as reality. That’s the dream. A thought can say anything.

The Unlimited Eternal Free Being that You really are is so unlimited it has to arise within the illusion of limitation to be able to experience. It’s so Free, it has to arise within something that appears not free to be able to ‘experience’. And is so eternal, that it has to arise in the imaginary time in order to have ‘an experience’. 
And it loves adventure!

1 on 1 Adventure 

The Unlimited Eternal Free being that you really are is pretending to be a limited time-bound role to experience stories with oneself, others and the world.
Here is a short example of what it looks like to play out the story with oneself:

As an Unlimited Eternal Free being, you will discover the thrill of pretending that the character you play is limited by her past actions and decisions. You make up a story in which the invisible “past wounded self” is the adversary, and You passionately hate her for all her wrong choices.
This way, even if there’s no one else around to put in “the evil one” position, You can still put this invisible past image of yourself there and still have Your drama of being the powerless, not good enough one.

The more You do it, the more separated and alienated you feel.
The more the character has to strive and tries to become free, the more stuck she feels.
It’s thrilling.
You love it.
But the person you identify with right now has no clue and has no power. She only believes she does. That’s the dream.

The identity shift is the most powerful adventure I’ve ever done. It will bring you to the right relationship with your own story from a perspective of who you Truly are. You will find new thrill in your story where before there was only hurt or disappointment. It will no longer be personal.
Once you have no resistance to your story it will unfold in the unexpected way. You know when your identity shifted when you simply don’t mind what happens next. That’s true freedom.

To Be doesn’t mean existing in time or across time or for a long time -from the beginning of time, whatever the heck that would mean,  to the end of time. Eternal is without time; Eternal means being without assumptions, expectations and hopes that appear in the timeline. You are the Unlimited Eternal Free Being with an apparent human experience in time and space by popping in the movie in your imagination; The storyline that makes you believe you are indeed heading somewhere in the future and need to do the right thing in order to get what you think will makes you happy, matter and survive.

My guidance in this adventure combines inquiry, identity shift and direct pointing. It doesn’t matter how much you ‘understand’ on the intellectual level, less is better. It is not about philosophy, science or theories or concepts that somehow ‘resonates’ with you. It’s about directly looking without assumptions that override what is actual.

You can discover for yourself That:

You can’t make a mistake
You don’t need to try to make anything happen
Nothing is required
You don’t need to know what to do
The self is illusory
Time is illusory
Space and distance is illusory
You can’t control anything

.What a relief.

This adventure is not a therapy and it is not intended to make you feel better or improve you in any way. Direct pointing is about gradual recognition that what you really want is to stop striving and searching. It is about spontaneously recognizing the opportunities, love and freedom unrecognized by the person living in time.
This adventure is best for long time seekers who are so exhausted by the search and are ready to give up.



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