The End of Your Story

A Nondual Guide to Spiritual Awakening without Any Practices, Healing Tools, Meditation, or Heartbreak
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The End of Your Story

A Nondual Guide to Spiritual Awakening without Any Practices, Healing Tools, Meditation, or Heartbreak

What if you could view the psychological thriller of your life as an exhilarating adventure instead? What if, when you do, your story ends?
We can be a little too obsessed with self-improvement, increasing self-awareness, letting go of superiority, self-discovery and healing, conscious manifestation, or finding perpetual peace.
– But what if reading self-improvement, enlightenment, and self-realization books only kept us in the trap of searching and never truly finding what we deeply long for?
– What if our spectacular struggle to change and improve ourselves and our situations was stopping us from achieving freedom and self-realization?
Here’s the thing: True awakening doesn’t follow a linear path as portrayed in stories. Hence, we cannot pursue peace directly; we have to take the oblique route. It is about circumventing the subtle trickery of the sneaky identities, which relentlessly plot ingenious ways to obscure freedom.
In this unique hybrid between non-fiction and the whimsical world of stories, we’ll draw a parallel between spiritual seeking and the raw, untamed world of dating. The author shares her unexpected journey of ending a heart-wrenching codependency without deliberate effort — leading to releasing negative patterns, discovering authenticity, and achieving freedom and self-realization. It will show you how to find true inner peace and liberation by, paradoxically, fully engaging with the duality of stories.
You will find the exact template on how to end your most painful story by building awareness and consciousness, and developing self-acceptance and non-judgment on steroids. Without the personal struggle, like matter and antimatter upon collision, the story collapses into nothingness.

So, jump on this spiritual awakening express and learn the difference between the toxic perpetual self-management and spiritual awakening — realizing nonduality — with a cheeky wink from the universe.‘The End of Your Story’ is an unexpected guide uncovering unconventional inner wisdom that goes beyond conscious evolution and transformation.
Want a trip down the habit hole with a side of chuckles? Buckle up, crack open this book, and ditch those pesky painful stories!




We don’t want more time…

In How To Achieve Nothing: 3-Step Time Reversal Formula to End Stress, Overwhelm & the Strategizing mania, you will discover that you can’t experience time other than in your thinking.  Moreover, your timeline in your mind is not only deceptive but completely reversed. To use the formula, we have to look at the hidden world of our expectations and hopes. We will use this information and plug it into the formula at times of stress, and it will reveal what is your next step in your situation  – and it is unexpected!

Further discover that:

  • Lack and achieving are the same
  • Your purpose is a story that keeps you in thinking you are never doing enough 
  • Your goals and visions about future show you how you are Now, not who you’ll become later.
  • Now is not a moment in time. Now is not part of a story.
  • Now is What happens without time (without the story).
  • What you really want, your deepest longing is to stop achieving.

The Time Reversal Formula

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