how to achieve nothing

3 Step Time Reversal Formula to End Stress, Overwhelm & the Strategizing Mania

(For the Purpose-Driven Exhausted Seeker)

how  to achieve nothing

3 Step Time Reversal Formula to End Stress, Overwhelm & the Strategizing Mania

How to achieve nothing embraces the paradox of combining non-duality and business.

We live with a mantra ‘I am not doing enough and there is not enough time’. But is it really more time we want? We believe we live in time, and being timeless is a woo woo ideological sci-fi idea, or quantum theory. But what if we are mistaken? What If it was the other way round? What if living in time was a myth?

We wish we had more time. We imagine more time would mean:
all our busy messy life + free uninterrupted spacious time filled with goodness That’a the dream.

What if having more time also came with more of the regular stuff:

  • More overthinking
  • More indecision among overwhelming choices
  • More beating around the bush
  • More postponing (remember what you do when your deadline is too long?)
  • More Compensating (doing what you resent later)
  • And more aftermath (feeling guilty)

Would you still want it? Maybe If time you have already feels not enough, then more time would feel even more not enough. That’s the illusion. Essentially more time is not what we want.


The Time Reversal Formula

Every day, we’re dealing with a mythical concept that goes against our natural being. We don’t know what time is. We think we do but the idea we have about time is just a thought. A belief. We mistake time for a lifeless digit on a screen. A symbol. in reality, it’s impossible to experience time.

In How To Achieve Nothing, you will discover that you can’t experience time other than in your thinking.  Moreover, your timeline in your mind is not only deceptive but completely reversed. To use the formula, we have to look at the hidden world of our expectations and hopes. We will use this information and plug it into the formula at times of stress, and it will reveal what is your next step in your situation  – and it is unexpected!

This is what the Formula does to save you time and headache.

  • It erases the stress from having to do too much or something you don’t want to do
  • It doesn’t involve hidden manipulation
  • The quality of the action taken is very different. It seems like it lands in the heart and erases the anxiety and stress from overwhelm. It won’t give you a dopamine rush of excitement and motivate you to run fast forward. It’s quality is gentle, you have to let it sink it deep, the action that comes from the Formula is effortless: natural, no overthinking, no trying to do something, it will simply move you when you know what new possibilities are available.
  • Less fear of screwing up or guilt tripping afterwords

We don’t want more time. We want less time..

 Further discover that:

  • Lack and achieving are the same
  • Your goals and visions about future show you how you are Now, not who you’ll become later.
  • Now is not a moment in time. Now is not part of a story.
  • Now is What happens without time (without the story).
  • What you really want, your deepest longing is to stop achieving.

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