Effortless Business

Lose old stories, lose painful and limiting thoughts, be free to think and co-create effortlessly

I worked with a high performance coach and I failed miserably.
Sam wasn’t just a high performer, she was a world class. Sam had a long history of success with 6 figure clients who’s schedules looked like a box of broken crayons with no white spaces for doing nothing. I invested most of my life savings to be coached by her to create a bulletproof strategy for my coaching business. I thought, if I work extra hard, I could achieve all my big dreams.
It was the most stressful period of my life.
After 3 months of many failed attempts to manage my time to become a highly optimized machine, I ended up with broken relationship, and existential crisis.  I gave up before we finished. I felt defeated. Ashamed.
I had been sold a dream that I needed put so much effort into being successful while following other’s ‘formulas’ and productivity techniques.
My dreams and hopes were crushed.
I was alone in Central America. I had no idea what I would do. I didn’t know where to go.
And I didn’t need to know.

I made space to look deeply into the underlying stories that kept me in the race and perfectionism. I noticed how my ambition was a compensation for the lack of belonging. How my relationship that looked so perfect on the outside, was a compensation for buried unworthiness and prof of my value.
I focused on releasing the old stories and the obligations that came with them. They kept me in endless striving and searching to be better in some not NOW future, missing some best opportunities.

My life is different now. I live in a beautiful spacious place in Costa Rica and only do what I love with a few people who inspire me. I have more love, time and abundance than I could have imagined. (and therefore I couldn’t have predicted nor visualized it).

I work with sensitive bright people who are rather introverted and thoughtful. They have been on the spiritual or self-improvement or healing path for some time but still feel the same limitations or stuckness. They are now ready to admit it and go on an inner adventure to recognize new opportunities aligned with their true purpose.


When there is no self-image to protect, our action is relaxed and effortless. With nobody to defend we are free from manipulation, overthinking and painful emotions that go unresolved. Striving and achieving perpetuates the contracted energy propelling us towards becoming somebody that matters not Now. Somebody who is worthy not Now. The person wants to matter because she doesn’t. She doesn’t exist. The ego is a belief that the voice in our head is who you are. She has a plan that is not part of what happens in actuality. 

Many of my clients are small business owners or content creators just like me. I help them to relinquish painful stories that keep them stuck, limited, overwhelmed, alone or doubtful to express their unique quirky selves in their business or projects.


My guidance in this adventure combines deep inquiry and losing limiting stories as well as recognizing unrecognized opportunities from the place of effortlessness and inspiration. Planning, strategizing, overthinking, visualizing, tweaking and trying to manifest better future comes from lack and disconnection from the Being that you are.
I will guide you to shift your identity from the disempowered role you play to the Being that you actually are to find unexpected thrill in your story. It simply changes everything.

We look together at the hidden expectations and create manipulation-proofed agreements instead. I guide them to recognize their best opportunities before jumping into new venture or relationship. And I teach them a system to turn any painful emotion to feeling free and knowing exactly what to do and say, losing doubts and taking effortless action. I hold an extremely safe loving space where they can open up effortlessly without any judgment. Each session includes presence, clearing, insight, commitment and effortless action.

We create systems that ‘save time’ and multiple forms of value in content creation.


Some stories my clients often mistake for truth: 

I lack support or money
People can’t afford my service
I am not good enough
I shouldn’t ask for too much money
I need to know what to do
People are ahead of me
I should be making more progress
I have too much to do and not enough time
Money or relationships will make me happy
I need to find my purpose
Life is difficult
People reject me and judge me
I’m too fat, too ugly or too old
I have to work hard
I shouldn’t be so sensitive or emotional
I will always be alone
There is no way out

I have been able to transcend the limitations of what felt like was a “race to the bottom”

I had abysmal time management skills and time…perception skills when we started working together.  Liv goes to the source of the problem rather than diagnosing the symptoms.  I was often frustrated, overwhelmed, and being busy and now I am more at peace, inspired, and motivated to make the best of the precious time and life that I have been given.  I get more results than I used to and don’t try as hard!  That means higher yield and lower input!  I have more time for friends and family, and more time to pursue my personal passions and self-care that I desperately need for my health and well-being.

Managing a small business can be very demanding and stressful.  I was exhausted and barely scraping by when we started working together.  I have been able to transcend the limitations of what felt like was a

“race to the bottom” into an opportunity for transformation and growth.  I am more financially successful and happier at work.  I have learned how to structure my business to make it what I want, rather than something that I have to do to make ends meet.

Gabriel Dour
Owner/operator Arbor Vital Tree Solutions, LLC

This is not about striving, tweaking, strategizing and overthinking to tring to achieve some distant dream. This is about realizing that your business couldn’t be more perfect for you with the perfect opportunities already. Without the stories it becomes effortless.

Anna Salerno, Nurse

I am the person who works a 12-hour high-stress job. My job is having me constantly on feet and requires me to juggle many hats at a time. My job is literally life and death. Olivia helped me work on one of the aspects of my work that brings my stress level up, people not listening to me and then I feel like a failure when they come back again. She helped me to see my job and my thoughts about people I am caring for in a different light. It opened my eyes to different aspects of those people and myself I hadn’t thought about before. You do amazing work and you don’t know how many people you touch or the moments of peace you bring to others that are so rare in this world. Thank you and God bless you

Daena Weeks, Graphic designer & Musician

Olivia has a wonderful way of inspiring a new perspective and embracing positive growth through the challenges. I feel lighter and more equipped to navigate through the ebb & flow with mindfulness and clarity.

Fidencio Lopez Alvarez, Web Developer and Musician, Puerto Rico

The most I love about Liv is her ability to connect with the suffering of others and her passion and self-giving to relieve that suffering. She was like a huge Sun that enveloped me and lighted me up to connect my self with my own source of light and my heal power to find the truth inside of me. She’s amazing! Thank you Liv Thank you so much for everything.”

Kim Carmen Walsh, Meditation and Hypnotherapy, UK

Liv, you very skillfully helped me find insights into this ‘ongoing’ difficulty that I have with my brother and family. I was surprised to find new aspects of the issue, which I have not previously seen, and the work you did with me on Skype has opened a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my family and how this issue plays out. Because of this renewed clarity, I have felt something lighten and clear internally.

Timothy Kline, Hilo Video Production, CA

Working with Liv really helped me gain clarity and create space around a few personal issues I have been struggling with this year. The session was immensely helpful and helped me genuinely process and work through the struggles. I felt very clear, calm and had a positive direction to move in after. I would highly recommend her and look forward to future sessions!

Jac Jordan, Hawaii

I just had a short 25 minute call with Olivia. She provided me light (yet powerful) guidance into an issue I’ve faced for a couple years now and many other times throughout my life. She basically helped me to find- me. I have the power to change everything in an instant simply by recognizing what I am believing in that moment. I was learning it the slow and hard way but this, this brought it to light and I just… I can’t thank you enough Olivia. What a complicated and yet simple shift.

Tomas Belan, Slovakia

Thank you very much once again for the most lovely massive love, block clearing session ever! You guided my with a compassion, professionalism and friendly attitude straight to the problem and helped me realized my true loving nature! THANKS again!


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