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Are you ready to ignite your inner fire and embark on a life changing adventure to find the stability, connections and love you deserve?

Are you settling for none or ok relationships? If you don’t have a strategy to build your inner security, you’ll be looking for it outside, pleasing people and betraying yourself. When you source your safety, you’ll be free to love, speak up, play and create while leading others into your desires and vision.

Most professional women feel alone, disconnected and waste their best years in overthinking, and hiding insecurities. I help women to create unshakable security by clearing the past blockages and fears, finding meaningful connections, master asking bold requests and transform fear of abandonment into committed love. They only need 3 months to craft a vision for their future that ignites them, clear their past heartbreaks, fears and trauma, and follow the exact steps revealed by their Higher selves.

If you are ready to change your life, schedule a FREE Inner Fire Strategy session with me to map out how can I best support you  in embarking on a life changing adventure to find the stability, intimacy and fulfillment you deserve!

Who you are is not explained by your past. It’s explained by what you’re believing this moment. You don’t need years of therapy to experience an INSTANT relief from painful emotions and overthinking that causes you to MISS your life today.

”It takes two people to create a pattern, but only one to change it.’’ ~ Esther Perel

Liv UNBOUND Coaching is SIMPLE. Real. And so effective that most people who’ve been struggling with a painful issue for years experience a complete end of it – in just one session. 

Sounds too good to be TRUE?

There are many coaches, therapists and spiritual teachers out there who deliver various results over various time. How can you trust that you will really receive some value for your investment?

I am confident that Liv Unbound coaching will create miracles in your life. So I made it simple for you. All coaching packages gives you a money back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. (Except of your deceptive stories)

What are others saying about Liv UNBOUND coaching?

I have just returned from traveling 5 months in Central America. I would have never made that leap alone, so wanted to thank you so much for seeing the best in me to make this possible! On my journey, I have met a couple of bloggers who helped me to finally finish my book! I found many synchronicities and opportunities by asking outrageously, and guess what? I decided to go back to my previous job but asked to work 2 days a week and my boss said yes! It will save me so much time and I’m feeling inspired to write more. Your words resonated often with me on my journey and I am very grateful for our time together.
(Jenny Kozlowski, writer, USA)

Liv, you very skillfully helped me find insights into this ‘ongoing’ difficulty that I have with my brother and family. I was surprised to find new aspects of the issue, which I have not previously seen, and the work you did with me on Skype has opened a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my family and how this issue plays out. Because of this renewed clarity, I have felt something lighten and clear internally. During the session, you helped me to sit with the discomfort this thought provoked in my body and I was amazed at how much it changed when we began to turn the problem around and notice what sensations occurred as I began to see my part in family ‘manipulation’. Thank you so much lovely! Your enthusiasm and genuine energy to dig deeper and fall in love with reality is infectious. You helped me unravel a new truth, which is much kinder than my story.
(Kim Carmen Walsh, Meditation and Hypnotherapy, UK)

The most I love about Liv is her ability to connect with the suffering of others and her passion and self-giving to relieve that suffering. She was like a huge Sun that enveloped me and lighted me up to connect my self with my own source of light and my heal power to find the truth inside of me. She’s amazing! Thank you Liv Thank you so much for everything.”
(Fidencio Lopez Alvarez, Web Developer and Musician, Puerto Rico)

After we spoke, for the first time i was able to stop negative thinking and overthinking . I was diagnosed with bpd, anxiety disorder and body dysmorphia and since I was 6, I couldn’t have a single moment of peace which was not drug take induced, so thank you very much! I admire your work!
(Elizabeth Palmer, Boulder, CO)

Wow, words can’t describe what I’m feeling after our session, I’m so happy I’ve finally decided to work with you! You’ve helped me so much in one hour than my therapist in the whole year 😀 Can’t wait for your retreats, I’d be the first one signing up!
(Gabriela, Yoga teacher, Mexico)

Olivia was recommended by a friend of mine. Then I watched her no BS meditations and knew that she would be the only person I’d want to do coaching with.

The whole experience was beyond my expectations, Olivia is not like a therapist, she is fun and human and very intuitive, she really takes time to understand you. She helped me to release my anxiety and depression and I know I will never go back to my old ways of thinking, for that I’m forever grateful!
(Beth Kubrowicki, Self-employed Mom, CA)

Daena Weeks

Olivia has a wonderful way of inspiring a new perspective and embracing positive growth through the challenges. I feel lighter and more equipped to navigate through the ebb & flow with mindfulness and clarity.
(Daena Weeks, Graphic designer & Musician)

Anna Salerno

I am the person who works a 12-hour high-stress job. My job is having me constantly on feet and requires me to juggle many hats at a time. My job is literally life and death. Olivia helped me work on one of the aspects of my work that brings my stress level up, people not listening to me and then I feel like a failure when they come back again. She helped me to see my job and my thoughts about people I am caring for in a different light. It opened my eyes to different aspects of those people and myself I hadn’t thought about before. You do amazing work and you don’t know how many people you touch or the moments of peace you bring to others that are so rare in this world. Thank you and God bless you
(Anna Salerno, Nurse)

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