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Would you like to grow your online business? Do you have something valuable to teach but you spend time comparing yourself to competition, feel overwhelmed and lost in endless strategizing and marketing techniques?

I believe that you have the force within you to liberate people’s lives. You have life lessons to teach. You have message to share with humanity and because of it, you can build a unique authentic brand where you’re getting paid to spread your message to the people who are ready for it. You can make a massive impact in the world, live anywhere in the world and do what you love.

You might be thinking, “Liv, there are so much competition out there and they are so much further than me!” My program is for the coach that wants to change one life at the time. It’s for the expert in their field that’s tired of trading time for dollars. For the wisdompreneur that’s sick of being the best kept secret in their field. It’s for you!

How would your business transform if you became relaxed and fearless on a camera, effortlessly creating structured content that will move people to want more! I will help you to  grow your channel and get more high paying clients as a result.

I will help you to go beyond your fears and doubts and start serving people while standing in your value. Part of your lack of confidence is in not having the right system that grows your business effortlessly.
I will help you to create a system to attract the right clients, to create powerful content in less time, so you can charge what you’re worth, have more free time and focusing on doing what you love. 

The secret of enjoying your journey is not to think of your business as something separated from you. You are the source of what happens in your business. Change you, change how people respond to you. 

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What are others saying about Liv's coaching and mentoring?


My experience working with Olivia was amazing! She’s relentless when it comes to getting those deep-rooted feelings to surface. Olivia helped me to uncover a false belief that slowed my progress. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I had to come outside for a walk because I’m all over the place right now, in a good way. You said to expect miracles, and it happened.
(Jelani Clay, Healing Rap Music)



I’m a holistic Esthetician and entrepreneur. I love how Olivia helped me align my inner desires for success with my higher self. I’m a very spiritual person and this was exactly the support I needed to get through a very difficult year in my career. I had a huge shift in my thinking and ego. She held space for me on our calls without judgement and allowed me to see things from new perspectives. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom. She also helped me clear difficult thoughts and beliefs, and helped me reunite with my biological father after I had been angry at him, and kept him at a distance for 20 years. This was a huge breakthrough for me, personally.
(Megan Nino, Esthetician and entrepreneur)

Liv, you very skillfully helped me find insights into this ‘ongoing’ difficulty that I have with my brother and family. I was surprised to find new aspects of the issue, which I have not previously seen, and the work you did with me on Skype has opened a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my family and how this issue plays out. Because of this renewed clarity, I have felt something lighten and clear internally. During the session, you helped me to sit with the discomfort this thought provoked in my body and I was amazed at how much it changed when we began to turn the problem around and notice what sensations occurred as I began to see my part in family ‘manipulation’. Thank you so much lovely! Your enthusiasm and genuine energy to dig deeper and fall in love with reality is infectious. You helped me unravel a new truth, which is much kinder than my story.
(Kim Carmen Walsh, Meditation and Hypnotherapy, UK)

I just had a short 25 minute call with Olivia. She provided me light (yet powerful) guidance into an issue I’ve faced for a couple years now and many other times throughout my life. She basically helped me to find- me. I have the power to change everything in an instant simply by recognizing what I am believing in that moment. I was learning it the slow and hard way but this, this brought it to light and I just… I can’t thank you enough Olivia. What a complicated and yet simple shift.
(Jac Jordan, Hawaii)

Thank you very much once again for the most lovely massive love, block clearing session ever! You guided my with a compassion, professionality and friendly attitude straight to the problem and helped me realized my true loving nature! THANKS again!
(Tomas Belan, Slovakia)

The most I love about Liv is her ability to connect with the suffering of others and her passion and self-giving to relieve that suffering. She was like a huge Sun that enveloped me and lighted me up to connect my self with my own source of light and my heal power to find the truth inside of me. She’s amazing! Thank you Liv Thank you so much for everything.”
(Fidencio Lopez Alvarez, Web Developer and Musician, Puerto Rico)

Daena Weeks

Olivia has a wonderful way of inspiring a new perspective and embracing positive growth through the challenges. I feel lighter and more equipped to navigate through the ebb & flow with mindfulness and clarity.
(Daena Weeks, Graphic designer & Musician)

Anna Salerno

I am the person who works a 12-hour high-stress job. My job is having me constantly on feet and requires me to juggle many hats at a time. My job is literally life and death. Olivia helped me work on one of the aspects of my work that brings my stress level up, people not listening to me and then I feel like a failure when they come back again. She helped me to see my job and my thoughts about people I am caring for in a different light. It opened my eyes to different aspects of those people and myself I hadn’t thought about before. You do amazing work and you don’t know how many people you touch or the moments of peace you bring to others that are so rare in this world. Thank you and God bless you
(Anna Salerno, Nurse)