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The Presence Game

Stop Pleasing. Source Connection. Chose Yourself

For the brave exhausted seeker who have more hustle and anxiety in life than connection and enjoyment.

Dear powerhouse, I love that you are here!
The times of crisis and uncertainty can be the times of great transformation and opportunity. We’ve been hiding in comfort and false security for so long, just to feed the false sense of self-image, leading to more disconnection and anxiety.
One truth stood up for me above others; The more I love, the less I have to think because I don’t have to be on guard. So I’ve created a FB group for brave ambitious seekers who are ready to generate massive energy from going beyond pleasing others and owning their true voices: The Presence Game.
Let’s play according to the rules of your inner wisdom. Not the rules of others.

You must want the freedom to be your authentic Self more than you want anything else.


The group is for the brave ones who have been on the spiritual or self-development path for some time and are ready to:

  • Stop searching for approval, love and safety outside of themselves
  • Live from their authentic Selves
  • Go outside of their comfort zone to have deep intimacy, connection and magic.
  • Ready to lead others from within and give permission to others to do the same.

NOT For the ones who:

  • Want to keep feeding on blaming others
  • Have never done any inner work or are not interested in self-development
  • Are interested more in surviving day to day than in thriving in long term


This intimate group is only for selective brave seekers who are ready. 

To join the group, be ready to play FULL OUT.

You must be 21+ to enter and MUST answer 3 questions.