UNBECOMING: Transformational retreat for individuals and couples

Change your story, shift your identity, lose painful and unwanted thoughts, be free to think and co-create effortlessly


A private retreat is a time away. Just for you. It is time for you to listen to the voice inside your heart, fully focused on You time without any obligations or decision making.
It is a combination of time spending in nature, journalling, walking on the beach,
and deep dive into your stories in your life for radical transformation.
It’s about not having a doubt that upon returning back, you will start co-creating the life that you love effortlessly.

  • A week without distractions, just with me and my assistant
  • Deep rest and deep inner work followed by integration (see aftercare below)
  • 2 Organic grummet plant based meals daily (+ snacks)
  • Yoga and optional tours (Nauyaca falls, surfing etc.)
  • Optional integration into community events (fire songs, dance, sound healing, attending local farmers market, sweat lodge or a ceremony)
  • Aftercare (after this deep dive with me, we will continue to speak once a week for at least 4 weeks online. I want you to apply what you discovered here in your personal life)

My guidance in this adventure combines deep inquiry, direct pointing and losing limiting stories as well as recognizing unrecognized opportunities from the place of effortlessness and inspiration.
I will guide you to shift your identity from the disempowered role you play to the Being that you actually are to find unexpected thrill in your story. It simply changes everything.

We focus on what is real without limiting stories, recognize the hidden opportunities and be with people and tasks in the way that they get met and resolved effortlessly.

We turn hidden expectations into powerful agreements so people show up as best selves for you.
We work on ‘both’ levels, the personal and beyond (transpersonal).

I work very closely with a few selective clients to co-create a 1 one 1 adventure with them depending on their individual needs.

 I am looking forward to spend a week with people who:

  • are committed to their transformation now
  • inspire me with their visions
  • have been on the spiritual or self-development path for some time

Contact me below if you wish to apply. This is a very unique intimate experience and I can only accept a limited number of determined bright introspective beings. We will schedule an interview to see if spending a week with me would be a good fit for us both. 


Coming up in 2022!

Spend 5-7 days in Costa Rica away from all distractions, having a
deep reset surrounded by nature while doing some inner work with me and journeying into the

Your casita where you’ll be staying is about 10 minutes from the incredible Nayaca Falls and about 20 minutes from Dominical Beach.


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