1 on 1 coaching for coaches, guides, educators, and consultants who are fed up with the social media hamster wheelThe Radical Book Freedom Method

Whoosh! Write your book at lightning speed, become the AUTHORzilla in your niche, and unleash the 3-step, simple Book Client Acquisition system on autopilot! 🚀


1 on 1 coaching for coaches, guides, educators, and consultants who are fed up with the social media hamster wheel

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to write that book you’ve been dreaming of? Do you have a great concept in mind, but find the writing process to be a bit daunting? Or maybe the thought of self-publishing seems intimidating because of the expenses associated with hiring various professionals like a coach, editor, or ad manager?

Well, I’ve got some wonderful news for you! The Radical Book Freedom Method can help you write your book at lightning speed while enhancing your natural abilities by leaps and bounds. Yes, you read that right!

As a proud member of the 7-Year-Book-Writing Club, I know the pain of chiseling words onto the pages of a non-fiction masterpiece. But fear not! For my second book, I cranked it out in just 3 months, and I’m here to share the magic with you. 🎩✨ Introducing the Radical Book Freedom Method – your ticket to writing at lightning speed, all while setting up a sweet autopilot system to sell your book! 🚀

Or maybe you’ve published your book (congrats, by the way). Now what? Do you let it gather dust on the shelf, or do you hustle and market it like a caffeine-fueled Energizer bunny? 🐰 Maybe you’re considering hiring an agency to promote it (cha-ching! 💸). Fear not, fellow author! The Radical Book Freedom Method rescues you from these fates by automating your book sales, leaving you free to frolic in the meadows of your next creative venture! 🌈

The ultimate secret to being the go-to guru in your niche? Write a book! Let the Radical Book Freedom Method be your trusty sidekick as you hatch the perfect strategy to become a niche authority and magnetize clients on autopilot. Say goodbye to obscurity and hello to AUTHORity!

With cutting-edge writing tech at our disposal, I’ll teach you how to craft a literary sensation that’ll leave both you and your readers in awe! 🤩 Together, we’ll set up a smooth autopilot system to sell your book like there’s no tomorrow. 🚀 You’ll receive all the templates and materials you need to write confidently and enjoy the journey. 

The icing on the cake? You can bid farewell to editors, copywriters, and ad agencies, saving you a whopping amount of cash – we’re talking thousands here! 💰 So buckle up, and let’s have a blast taking your writing career to new, exhilarating heights!

We will research a profitable niche for your Kindle book that is not too saturated, choose categories that are not too competitive, and find the best keywords that people are searching for. You will receive one profitable niche idea with high demand and low competition, 20 best keywords to use for your title, subtitle, book description, and KDP account, 10 best categories to reach your audience, and a ranking analysis for each category ABSR + SALES to rank #1.

In addition, I will help you to promote your book into my networks.

If you are an educator, coach, consultant, or guide who is already working with clients or has worked with them in the past, book your free strategy session with me here to start your journey towards authorship and freedom.

 I will walk you through the steps of writing, publishing, and setting up your book so it brings you financial, mental, and time freedom. The system I teach is designed to help you write your book in your unique style, making your book a masterpiece that people will love and talk about.

By working with me and my team for 3-6 months, you will receive:

  • Personal guidance, templates, and step-by-step guidance to write and publish your bestselling book and achieve 30 reviews in 3 months
  • Help finding your why, the right audience, and the core message for your book.
  • Assistance with writing an outline, structure, and finding your writing style.
  • Training on how to write a masterpiece that will blow away your readers and get your exact message across.
  • A system that runs on autopilot, freeing up your time and scaling your business while creating instant credibility in your niche.
  • A guidance on how to write without the tedious work and writing block. 

The Radical Book Freedom Method offers a unique approach to book advertising where you only invest money you’ve already generated, ensuring you never lose any funds. After seven years of trial and error, hiring expensive coaches, and dealing with high monthly fees for building funnels, I’ve developed a foolproof system to help you write and publish your bestselling book and get 30 reviews in the first 3 months.

By working with me for three months, you’ll receive personalized guidance, templates, and step-by-step instructions to write and publish your book. We’ll help you find your purpose, identify the right audience, and create a compelling core message for your book. I’ll also assist you in designing an outline, structure, and writing style that will capture your audience’s attention and convey your message effectively. At this point you don’t have to worry about creating an evergreen system, all you need is just email capture within your book.

If you choose to continue working with me for an additional three months, I’ll help you set up a system to promote your book without losing money. I’ll guide you in creating a product or online course that doesn’t require paying monthly subscriptions for expensive platforms when you’re just starting out.

Liv is a phenomenal communicator! She is passionate, knowledgeable, and highly experienced in her craft. She listens intently to my questions and answers them thoroughly, then asks if there are other questions. The information she shares is highly valuable and practical. I love her approach of putting tools into your hands that you can start using immediately. Talking to Liv, I believe I have a safety net because she has already done the hard legwork of finding what works! All I have to do is use the resources she offers! I am excited to write and publish my first book!

Addriene Robinson

Ketamine therapy assistant


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